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What to do if you
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Laura Lancaster - Jul 2, 2021

Another year, another big momen– and we know that for many students this means IB results day. For some of you, things won’t have gone according to plan and you don’t have the grades you need to get into a high-ranking university. We know this is stressful but don’t give up hope!  

Fast-track foundation pathways 

We are here to help. If you can’t face repeating another two years of study, our one-year University Foundation Programmes offer the best alternative. Whether you are a UK-based or international student, we will support you to reach your full potential and achieve the right grades for an undergraduate degree at a world-class destination. We offer 6 different foundation courses, that prepare you to study dozens of different degrees.   

What are the benefits of joining UFP? 

One-year progamme
You might feel in limbo at the moment, but we can get you to university, where you belong. With two start dates, you can join a course in September or January and can still take up a university place in September 2022.  

Rigorous academic standards
We won’t lie, we expect a lot from our students. But we also deliver on our promises of progression to university and success on your degree. Our teachers are highly qualified and are specialists in their field. These standards will allow you to make a smooth transition to undergraduate degree level. We are also one of the only foundations externally moderated by 5 leading universities.  

Exceptional university preparation
We like to see ourselves as something of a transition college: you get student support that really takes care of you, that gives you the room to get better at managing your own studies and learning the vital study skills you’ll need for an undergraduate degree. And that’s alongside a full UCAS service.   

Courses are specially tailored and offer a bite-size ‘teach and test’ approach (a huge hit with our students!), which removes a lot of pressure. By focusing on continual assessment rather than one big end-of-year exam, we ensure students stay on track and any learning issues are picked up on early so they can be remedied.  

Our successful approach is shown by the prestigious universities our leavers progress to and the many 1:1 and 2:1 degrees UFP alumni go on to achieve.  

World-class destinations
You might have missed out on a place to study at a top Russell Group destination like King’s College London (KCL) or University College London (UCL) or maybe you were excited about studying in Scotland or the north of England at first-class institutions like The University of Edinburgh or The University of Manchester. We regularly send students to these destinations and many more across the UK. Our students receive multiple university offers every year.   

Over 30 years’ experience
Being the older one in the business comes with advantages! Our long-standing reputation in the British education market means we are afforded trust and respect by the Russell Group universities and many others, with our foundation courses accepted by over 90 UK universities.  

State-of-the-art facilities 
UFP is part of David Game College, and is based at a former university campus in London, so we are lucky enough to have outstanding facilities, including university-grade science labs and an inspiring Architecture, Art & Design department. Or you can choose to study at our beautiful Bath campus (Bath Academy), in the south west of England.  

 You can apply online today or talk to one our course advisors to find out more.   


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