The University Foundation Programme


The University Foundation Programme (UFP) is a one-year course that prepares students to attend top UK universities. Recognised as an A-Level (RQF Level 3) equivalent, the UFP is an alternative route to degree level studies.

Over 30 years' experience

Running at David Game College and Bath Academy, our programme is the oldest independent foundation course in the UK. 

Our reputation and experience allows hundreds of students to access university each year.

Choose your own path

We give our students the freedom to choose the university course that’s right for them. Whilst we offer advice, we never force them to apply to any specific institution.

Our modular course is also designed to give pupils a choice in what they study, by allowing students to personalise their education.

A 100% success rate

The quality of our course speaks for itself. We have never failed to get university places for pupils that pass our exams. The UFP is also independently accredited by:

  • External Examiners from six top UK institutions;
  • Ofsted; and
  • Leading UK universities

Your development matters

Whilst we challenge our students academically, our pastoral care and support systems make sure they feel prepared for the task ahead. That’s why the UFP gets the best out of its pupils in higher education and beyond.

Study in Bath or London

With the UFP you can study in one of two great locations. Rest assured, you’ll get the same great quality education, syllabus, assessments and course structure in either place. 



Established in 1974, David Game College is a leading independent college in London. With an outstanding track record of quality, the College aims to balance the joy of learning with the demands of examinations. 

Based in the city of London

University Foundation Programme (UFP) is located in the financial district in London, called the City, the closest tube station is Aldgate. Students have access to a top of the range architectural studio, newly renovated classrooms and a cafeteria. The location is close to iconic buildings such as the Tower of London, the Gherkin, the Bank of England and the Shard.

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Established in 1997, Bath Academy is an outstanding independent college in the heart of the historic city of Bath. The Academy offers a smaller, more quiet environment, with an active and stimulating student lifestyle.

Based in the city of Bath

With its rich history and surrounding countryside, Bath is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. Famous for its Roman and Georgian architecture, it’s the only city in the UK to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Situated in a listed Georgian building, the Academy accepts up to 120 students a year studying GCSEs, A-Levels and the UFP.

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What makes UFP Different

1. Unmatchable experience

Since our establishment in 1989, the UFP has become highly regarded by universities. Our knowledge, experience and reputation means we can give the best guidance to our pupils. Furthermore, our highly qualified staff ensure students are challenged and motivated in every lesson.

2. A quality education

Every single student that has passed our examinations has gone on to secure a place at a top UK university. To ensure that we always meet expectations, our courses are accredited by several independent institutions. Our class sizes are small so we can offer individual attention to each student. The exceptional standard of education allows students to make a smooth transition to undergraduate level. 

3. Freedom to choose

Because we are independent, we do not have to act in the financial interests of other institutions. Instead, we help our students select the best university destination for them.

For this, we don’t just look at the league tables. We take into account our students' preferences and find the best universities for their subject area. The UFP is recognised by over 100 universities so there is no shortage of choice.

UFP students will also benefit from being able to select their own modules. This allows them to develop the skills they need for any type of university degree. With a choice of 18 different subjects, the UFP provides a more personalised approach to learning.

UFP Team

Mansour Kaveh

Mansour Kaveh

Co-Founder & DIrector

Mr. Kaveh is co-Founder of the UFP and the Course Director. Prior to starting the business, he lead a distinguished career as one of London’s top Mathematics teachers at our very own David Game College.

Jihad Kawadri

Jihad Kawadri

Co-Founder & Director

Jihad has degrees from City University London and Imperial College, University of  London. He taught Physics and Applied Mathematics for 15 years and enjoys a wealth of expertise in the UK education sector.

Joanne Scarr

Joanne Scarr

Director of Studies

Joanne is the Director of Studies at the UFP and helps students with their university applications (UCAS). She has a degree in Education & Linguistics and has been a member of the UFP team for over 20 years.


To ensure the quality of our qualifications is consistently high, we are accredited by several independent bodies.

External Examiners from top UK institutions

The quality of our teaching and assessment is audited by External Examiners from leading UK universities. Rarely, if at all, do foundation programmes get independent verification. We feel it gives universities, our students and their parents the confidence they need to trust in us and our qualification.

  • Dr. Michael Munday
    School of Pharmacy, UCL

  • Dr. John Hunter
    School of Social Science, University of Brunel

  • Dr. Chris Watkins
    School of Computing, Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Prof. Anna Barney
    School of Engineering, University of Southampton


On behalf of the UK government, Ofsted inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people across the country. Click here for more information about them.

Every three years we are scored on a four-point scale, ranging from inadequate to outstanding. David Game College has been awarded Outstanding, and Bath Academy has been awarded Good. This means we represent high standards and a quality education. Here’s what they had to say about the UFP:

The success of the university foundation course is demonstrated by the fact that all students gain a university place each year


The British Council

As the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, the British Council operates in over 100 countries. Each year two million people take international exams with help from the British Council, including UFP students. Click here for more information about them.

Leading Universities

We have articulation agreements with the universities listed below. Students are under no obligation to select these institutions as their preferred destination.

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