How to Get Accepted by a top UK University

How to Get Accepted by a top UK University

How to get into top UK universities

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Getting an offer from a top university in the United Kingdom isn’t as difficult as you might expect. As long as you have passed the majority of your senior school exams, there’s a strong chance you can get in.

In general, there are two main qualifications people take to access UK universities. These are taken after senior school:

  • A Levels - This is the more traditional exam route that British students tend to take. It lasts two years and covers a wide range of subjects. Some degree courses will only take students that have studied specific A Levels, such as science based subjects.

  • Foundation Programme - The second way of accessing universities is with a Foundation Programme (also referred to as a Foundation Course). Whilst it is not as well known as A Levels, it provides a similar level of education in just one year.

Students pick foundation programmes instead of A Levels for many different reasons. For some it’s because they’re international students, whilst in other cases it’s because they aren’t well suited for A Levels. Increasingly, we are seeing students join foundation programmes because they want to get to university in half the time.

Regardless of the qualification, if you are not from the UK or EU, you may need to take an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test. This needs to be taken before a student begins either A Levels or a Foundation Programme. More information can be found about this within your specific country within the ‘Requirements’ section. In most cases, this is essential in getting a UK student visa.


Next comes UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). UCAS is the process by which all applicants must apply to university. Each student gets five choices of university based on their predicted results. Prospective students should bear in mind that requirements can vary depending on the course or institution they want to apply to.

International students will be required to submit the following things to UCAS:

  • Senior School Results

  • Foundation Programme / A Level Results

  • IELTS Test Results

A good student will get several ‘Conditional’ offers. After the exams are over, the student will then be accepted or rejected based on the terms of the ‘Conditional’ offer (making it ‘Unconditional’).

University Foundation Programme Maths class

At the University Foundation Programme, we guide our students through this entire process from beginning to end. We can offer them guidance and advice about careers, degree courses and universities. Over 27 years, we have become highly skilled at guiding students to the best universities. We have also built strong links and connections with institutions which we can call upon where necessary.

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