Why the UFP Beats University Based Foundation Courses

The UFP versus University Based Foundation Courses

Why University Foundation Programme

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Choosing a foundation course can be sometimes overwhelming. There are many different options, each with their own pros and cons. One of the most common questions we get asked is: “What are the differences between the UFP and university based foundation courses?” We’ve listed our top five below:

1.     Freedom to choose your own university

With a university led foundation course, you can only study at that particular institution. The UFP has links to over 100 different universities in the UK. We offer extensive advice to find a degree course that suits your needs best. You may even surprise yourself by getting accepted by a far better university.

2.     Independently assessed by external examiners

The UFP is one of the only foundation courses in the UK to be independently assessed. This means there’s no guarantee of the quality of education you are getting. If a foundation course does not properly prepare students it can lead to failure in the first year of university.

3.     You can select your own Modules

We aim to personalise our teaching style to each individual student. The same goes for module selection. In terms two and three, you are able to select the modules that interest you. We will help you find the most appropriate ones for your intended course at university.

4.     Excellent teaching quality

Our class sizes are small and which allows to give each student personal attention. University campuses may well have excellent facilities but they tend to host large seminars, with several hundred students at once. We ensure our students develop a strong relationship with their tutors and are well prepared for university.  

5.     Better results

70% of our students were accepted by a top 30 university. In 2016*. Moreover, 83% of students received four or five offers from their selected universities. We have a great track record of results with over 27 years’ experience.

*This statistic is based on offers received from universities by UFP students at David Game College. University rankings are taken from the Guardian University League Table 2016/17.

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