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Laura Lancaster - Nov 13, 2020

David Game College is a fully Licensed Student Sponsor. All non-British passport holders will require a Student Visa to study at the UFP.

The UFP Admissions staff will assist you in preparing and checking the documents required for your Visa application. In order to apply for your Visa, the College will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This can only be issued when: (1) Your offer has become UNCONDITIONAL; (2) The required deposit has been paid; (3) The documents required to support your Visa application have been checked by the UFP’s UKVI Compliance Officer.


Why should you choose an Engineering Foundation Course?

As the Engineering and Computing sector continues to grow globally, with technical skills becoming invaluable in a world ruled by computer systems, the demand for competent engineering and computing graduates has never been greater.

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University Offers

Here at the University Foundation Programme, we are very pleased to announce our latest university offers our students have received so far.

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How to get into university: our UCAS support

Deciding which university to go to and what to study for your degree are huge life decisions.

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Start a new chapter in 2022

Start a new chapter in 2022 – January is the best time to start a foundation course.

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The University Foundation Programme (UFP) is a department of David Game College. Established in 1974, David Game College has become one of the leading Independent Sixth Form Colleges in London for 13-22 year olds.

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