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Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Your Child's development

We aim to create a safe and relaxed environment where students can develop personally. Our staff are approachable and are always on hand if there’s a problem. A small, intimate college setting ensures that everyone gets to know each other well. 

Developing crucial life skills

Although we tend to treat our students as adults, we also oversee their welfare. A high degree of personal attention ensures that every student is safe, happy and motivated. When they are ready to leave, UFP graduates:

  • Have more independence and life experience;
  • Improve their English language skills;
  • Learn to become more financially responsible;
  • Become more socially confident;
  • Are knowledgeable about the wider world; and,
  • Appreciate people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Whether it’s a tough job market or a demanding undergraduate degree, UFP graduates are better equipped for the challenges ahead. We ensure they maximise their potential regardless of what they go on to do.

Social Life

Since our students are from a diverse range of backgrounds, they have a natural tendency to look out for each other. This creates a truly international environment where peers are accepted and cared for. Many of our graduates report making friends they’ll keep for life.

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