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A friendly college culture

Moving to the UK to study is exciting. It’s a chance to discover a new culture and make friends from all over the world. We have a small college atmosphere so students can get to know each other well. Many UFP graduates make friends they’ll keep for life.

“The thing I like most about the UFP is meeting people from all over the world"

Quote from former student Oli.

Clubs and activities

Throughout the year, there’s a variety of:

  • Sporting activities (e.g. football, basketball and cricket)
  • Societies and clubs (e.g. debating, cinema and salsa)
  • Trips in the UK or abroad (e.g. Oxford, Rome or Barcelona)
  • Social events - (e.g. paint balling, ice skating or eating out)
  • Subject relevant activities - (e.g. galleries, museums or even a visit to the BBC)

For the competitive students amongst us, we hold regular tournaments against other colleges. Beyond the College, London and Bath offer plenty of things to do. A year-round calendar of sites and attractions means boredom is not an option.

An interesting place to live

London and Bath are full of history, landmarks and culture to keep you entertained. Whether it’s international sporting events, famous festivals or excellent food, there’s always something to try. Strong transport links always ensure that students are able to explore the best of their new city easily and safely.

We are here if there’s a problem

Moving to another country can be scary too. Staff are always nearby to support and care for our students. We are highly experienced at looking after young people that are, in some cases, thousands of miles from home. Our students’ safety, happiness and motivation is a priority.

Many different nationalities

We have a mixture of students from every part of the world. Due to volatile global economies, it is difficult to predict year-on-year what our nationality mix will be. Whatever the case, UFP students share facilities with native English speakers so they can improve their language skills.

Best quality education

The UK is one of the most highly regarded places to study in the world. The quality of education is world class and qualifications are recognised internationally. A UK degree allows you to stand out in a highly competitive job market.

Your opinions matter

We encourage our students to constantly give us feedback. They each have a personal tutor to express their concerns or opinions.


We have a range of accommodation, from private flats to college houses and homestays.

Take some time to decide what’s best for you.

Safety is our priority

All of our student homes are supervised by an emergency warden. If there’s a problem, one of our wardens will be on site within minutes. 

Are you a good cook?

Don’t worry if you’re not. We have half board (breakfast and dinner) as well as self catered facilities.

Not a morning person?

All our college accommodation is within walking distance of an underground station. No excuses when you’ve got a 9 a.m. class.

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COVID-19 & Re-Opening the College

COVID-19 & Re-Opening the College

COVID-19 & the Reopening of the College – Scenarios and Proposed Responses

Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Students enjoy tour of the BBC

Investigative journalist gives UFP students insight into the media industry

Investigative journalist gives UFP students insight into the media industry

Media students at UFP London welcomed journalist Hasham Cheema to their class last week.

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