The University Foundation Programme


David Game College is currently running two scholarships for UFP students studying in London. All new applicants are invited to apply for a scholarship. 


- The value of this scholarship is up to £2000.

- This scholarship is available to all students and is awarded based on their achievement in secondary school education. 

- The scholarship is purely based on academic merit.


- The value of this scholarship is up to £2000.

- You are eligible to apply for this scholarship, if you are currently residing or have permanent residence in the following countries: 

             - Ghana

             - Malaysia

             - Nigeria

            - South Korea

            - Thailand

Please note: Conditions apply to both scholarships


In order to apply for a scholarship, you must do the following: 

In your Personal Statement, which is part of your application to UFP, you must include 200 words explaining: 

1. Why you should be given a scholarship

2. Which scholarship you are applying for

3. What you have achieved to make you a suitable candidate for a scholarship, for example, you can highlight: 

a) Outstanding academic achievements

b) Volunteering you have undertaken

c) How you will contribute to the international focus of UFP

d) Any outstanding achievements

e) Charitable or community work

Successful applicants who are awarded a scholarship are expected to act as ambassadors for the UFP. There might be occasions where an ambassador may be asked to assist in promotional activities or campaigns. 

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