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All university applications in the UK are submitted through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Your UCAS application is quite a complex process, but at the UFP we have a dedicated UCAS team who provide our foundation students with consistent support throughout the entire academic year for no additional fee. Choosing what course and where to study is one of the most important academic decisions of your life, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

You will receive support and advice on:

  • the different degree courses available
  • university rankings and their entry requirements
  • your 5 university choices and which degree courses to choose based on your academic background and progress on the UFP course
  • your “firm” and “insurance” choice
  • your UCAS Personal Statement (a personal essay that you must submit alongside your UCAS application)
  • how to prepare for university interviews

Here’s how we will support you with your application, month by month, throughout the academic year:

Start the UFP!

You will meet our Director of Studies, Ms. Joanne Scarr, who will be helping you with your applications to university, and set up your UCAS account.

This month you will start to receive offers from your chosen universities.

You will then need to choose 2 universities/courses as your “firm” and “insurance” choice.


This month you will take your final examinations and finish the UFP course. Your examination papers and coursework will be submitted to our External Examiners for review and final confirmation of your marks.

You will receive your UFP certificate, showing your final grades in 3 Minor Modules, 3 Major Modules and an overall grade for the course.

If you have met the conditions of your “firm” choice, your offer will become “unconditional” and your place at your first option university is secure!

If you have not met the conditions of your “firm” choice, but have met the conditions of your “insurance” choice, then your second option university will become “unconditional” and your place will be secure!

If you do not meet the conditions of either your “firm” or “insurance” offers, you will go into “Clearing” (see below)

Universities publish lists of all the courses which have places available – this is called “Clearing

If you did not meet the conditions of your “firm” and “insurance” choices through UCAS, you can send your UFP certificate to the universities on the “Clearing” list to secure a place.

In September you will then start university. 



For January starts the process is the same and you will complete your UCAS application by the end of February.

Are you ready to apply?

Make an application for entry to our one year foundation programme.


Have a question?

Feel free to contact our admissions team for assistance.


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