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The University Foundation Programme (UFP) has always valued and rewarded academic excellence. Therefore we are proud to introduce two Academic Scholarships, open to all students (Home, EU and International).

Please find attached the details of the two schemes, the amounts awarded, and the award criteria.

To be considered for an Academic Scholarship, please complete an application form at and tick the relevant box.

Academic Scholarship Details

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Please note that an Academic Scholarship cannot be confirmed until your final results are known, but your interest will be noted.

Country-Specific Academic Scholarship

We have worked with the international market for over three decades, and well understand the financial pressures of studying abroad. As such, this year we are pleased to introduce some country-specific scholarships. In addition to recognising academic excellence, these scholarships provide a little additional help to students who live and study in certain countries, which have been selected by our panel for this academic year.

To be considered for a country-specific academic scholarship, please complete an application form at, provide evidence of residence in the relevant country (i.e. passport or residence card) and tick the relevant box.

Country-Specific Scholarship Details 

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Please note that only one scholarship can be applied per student. If you are eligible for more than one scholarship, the higher amount will be awarded.

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