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Laura Lancaster - Nov 17, 2021

Settling in a new country or environment as a student is exciting. But we know it’s also unfamiliar, so it’s important you feel at home, wherever you’re from.  

We love being a truly multicultural college here at UFP, with up to 50 student nationalities in any academic year.  

Students really do travel from all around the world to join our London foundation programme.  

Have a look at this heat map, which shows the countries and continents UFP students have come from in the last 8+ years. We have welcomed students from 95 countries during this time – which accounts for almost half the countries globally. 

The ‘hotter’ an area of the map appears (ie the darker the yellow), the higher the number of students joining us from those countries.  

Just in London there are more than 270 nationalities and this map reveals a similarly diverse and cosmopolitan campus here at UFP. We think it’s part of what makes our community so friendly and inclusive! It’s also great preparation for undergraduate studies.  

‘Our foundation truly reflects what you are going to get at UK universities, which pride themselves on being very multicultural,’ says Mansour Kaveh, UFP’s co-founder and course director.  

Students also tell us they like making friends from so many different parts of the globe and learn a lot from this experience. Here’s what some of them had to say:  

‘I really enjoyed making new friends from other cultures as it helps you to understand and respect their backgrounds – and get an idea of their cuisine too!’ Nitin, India 

‘After growing up in the UAE, I had a lot of experience socialising with people from different cultures and UFP gave me a similar experience.’ Joss, UK 

‘I have new friends from all over the world.’ Anis, Algeria. 

Learning about different cultures is eye opening. I learnt to be more tolerant of people and not to judge others, because we are all different.’ Kuda, Zimbabwe 

‘Being around so many different nationalities allows you to discover and learn about cultures other than your own.’ Barbara, France.   

I got to learn new things about people who have lived very different lives from me.’ Cherish, Nigeria. 

‘Living in one community for most of your life can make you naive to the fact that there are many cultures in the world that not many people talk about. I have made friends from all around the world and have gotten to learn so many interesting things about them.’ Serena, UK 

I really enjoyed getting to know students from other cultures and became really good friends with them. It was such a good experience.’ Rojin, Iran 

‘It opened my eyes and made me gain many friends from diverse and different backgrounds.’ Amira, Malaysia 

It helped me meet people from different regions around the world, and this really helped me work on my communication skills.’ Mariyam, Pakistan 

Find out more about UFP or enrol in our next intake (January 2022) – for university entry in September 2022.   


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